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Do you want to push your R&D forward, while limiting the stress of scientific audits? Gift yourself the peace of mind by working with one of the oldest and most trusted names in the business.

Why work with Systems Canada?

Success and limit audit impacts
We know that you want to focus as much of your resources as possible on your core business, and to do that you need to limit distractions. Not only does Systems Canada have an extremely high success rate, our clients enjoy the least intervention from scientific audits. CRA typically conducts scientific audits every three years for firms participating in the SR&ED program, whereas our client organizations regularly go ten years or more without an audit. Let us help you reduce that stress!
Claiming all that you are due
Systems Canada finds associated costs that can be claimed that other firms often overlook, and we will work with you and your accountants or tax advisors to ensure that you get the most out of your claims year over year.
Quality, stability and experience
You will only work with the best. Systems Canada has over 25 years of SR&ED tax credit experience and all our consultants have graduate degrees, executive experience and a minimum of 15 years scientific research or analysis experience. Our consultants work with the same clients year over year to ensure corporate memory and to reduce demands on our clients. Systems Canada gets the best results as a result of our top quality consultants and our tried and tested methodology.
Helping plan for the future
Systems Canada cares about our clients’ bottom line. Our services include the option to involve us in R&D planning. Systems Canada is always looking to the future and we are ready to help clients assess whether planned projects might qualify for the SR&ED tax credit. This facilitates budgeting and planning decisions, while potentially enabling the pursuit of more projects at once.
Our Process


Step 1: Free consultation

First, Systems Canada sits down with any potential client to assess their projects, the potential claims and the work that will be required to bring the claims to fruition. We have a frank discussion about the issues and options to enable the client to make a decision as to how to proceed.

Step 2: Knowledge transfer

Systems Canada meets with key personnel to discuss and collect technical and financial details regarding eligible work. We provide information on other technology related tax credits and other potential financing opportunities, where feasible.


Step 3: Strategy development

Systems Canada assesses the information from the knowledge transfer and develops a claim strategy. We also provide recommendations on tracking and documentation methods, as appropriate, to increase the viability of your claims.


Step 4: Claim preparation

Systems Canada drafts technical reports covering all relevant material. As appropriate, we seek out secondary information and consult with highly-specialized external experts to strengthen the claim. We advise you or your accountants on preparing the technical portions of the financial documentation.


Step 5: Quality assurance

We go through several rounds of edits and an internal review process to ensure every claim is solid and complete from a governmental perspective.


Step 6: Client approval

We undertake a review process of the claim with you and we seek your final approval prior to submission.

Step 7: Claim submission

We work with your accountant to prepare the necessary tax schedules and file your claim.

Step 8*: Scientific audit preparation

*(as required, following notice)

Recognizing that scientific audits may occur once memories are hazy or key employees have moved on, Systems Canada reports cover all critical information. We also prepare your staff on how to respond to the auditors needs and we are present during the audit to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Our results-oriented services ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit from the R&D tax credit claim for the least consulting cost. Systems Canada will not take on an assignment unless we are convinced the projects qualify and the client’s return warrants our cost and their effort.


Professionalism, dedication, and integrity: critical for the trust and confidence found in the long-term relationships with our clients and partners.


Systems Canada was founded in 1973 as an independent software and hardware systems consulting firm.

R&D tax credit consulting was added to the Systems Canada portfolio in 1989 as a consequence of being approached by Revenue Canada to evaluate submissions for R&D tax credits.

Systems Canada is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec.

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