What is SR&ED and how can it benefit my firm?

The Government of Canada and provincial governments support scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED) by offering tax credits that cover a wide range of related activities. Coverage varies by province and other details. Learn how much your firm can receive by contacting us.

Are we eligible?

  • Did you undertake engineering, design or other developmental work?
  • Did you design or develop new software?
  • Did you revise a process to increase efficiency?
  • Did you create a new product, or improve an existing one?

Why work with Systems Canada, SR&ED tax credit experts?

Systems Canada offers adaptable tools and support, adjusted to your needs

Our professional team and methodology deliver results:

  • ~98% success rate
  • Lowest scientific audit rate in the industry

Systems Canada finds associated claimable costs that other firms often overlook

Our longstanding credibility with CRA and ARQ based on established relationships

You will only work with the best. Systems Canada has over 25 years of SR&ED credit experience and all our consultants have:

  • an advanced degree
  • 15 to 40 years of experience in a research or analysis capacity
  • executive experience

Systems Canada helps with long term strategic R&D planning for improved financial outcomes

What services does Systems Canada offer?

– Conducting technical interviews

– Drafting technological descriptions and a detailed report

– Providing scientific content for the final T661 form

– Preparing your submission for e-business claims where applicable (Government of Quebec program)

– Our in-depth reports deliver proven results in scientific audits regardless of staff turnover

– Systems Canada prepares and coaches the personnel involved in the scientific audit

– We are present to assist during the scientific audit

– Helping you establish a tailored documentation process to support your needs and respond to CRA requirements

– Training your employees on efficient SR&ED documentation and claims preparation

– Exploring your long-term R&D planning to ensure your claims help you to maximize your results

– If you prefer to undertake the work internally, Systems Canada will guide your team and review the documentation

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